Report on the National Chem-Quiz competition 2013

1.    Background

The National Chemquiz is an event held every year by the Chemical Society of the South Pacific (CSSP) in the High Schools in collaboration with the Schools’ Chemquiz Coordinators and Head of Science Department. The participating schools are provided with quiz materials which includes a set of 30 questions along with answersheets for four different categories.

fig 11

The CSSP organizes the event with the help of its members and Chemquiz Coordinator. CSSP aims to challenge the intellect of science high schoolers and also to promote and create awareness of science in the South Pacific.

2.    National Chemquiz 2013

2.1.    Responses and Participants

The 2013 National Chemquiz received a promising response from high schools.  A total of 173 high schools in the South Pacific region were invited to participate in the event.

fig 8

Figure 1: Invitation sent to High Schools in the South Pacific Region.

This year, the Chemical Society of the South Pacific was acknowledged by two outer island high schools of Fiji from Kadavu and Taveuni which indicates the awareness and promotion of science in the South Pacific region.  A total of about 4100 students participated in the 2013 National Chemquiz. The high schools were categorized into three divisions.

fig 9

Figure 2: Achievements of participants in the three divisions.

2.2.    Quiz questions

The questions were compiled to assess the knowledge of the students in chemistry. However, there were some questions where the student had to apply the knowledge of science subjects studied. Application of science in everyday life and impact of science in the environment were some of the areas which were considered in making the quiz questions.

fig 10

Figure 3: Evaluation of chemistry knowledge of participants in the National Chemquiz 2013.

2.3.    Awards Day and Chemquiz Divisional winners 2013

The winners of the 2013 National Chemquiz were declared in each category from the three divisions, Eastern, Western and Northern. (See Tables 2, 3 and 4). The Awards Day Function was held in N111 Lecture Theatre at the University of the South Pacific. A very promising attendance was noted by the CSSP, of parents/guardians and the winners of participating schools.

fig 12

fig 13

3.    Acknowledgement

I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to the following CSSP members and colleagues for making the 2013 National Chemquiz tremendous success.

CSSP members and colleagues: Krishnil Deo, Poonam Chand, Alvin Prasad, Tejal Maharaj, Sawastika Dutt, Rahul Kumar, Prianshika Sen, Daniel Kumar, Shazeen Mehnaaz, Orisi Nasove, Epi Buka, Iliesa Koroi, Revoni Vamosi, Samuela Tanoa, Ratu Laisiasa Tuira, Erika Waqanisau, Priya Singh, Sheetal Lata, Talei Whippy, Wata Saubaleti, Sera Keleinavutoka and Thomas Tunidau.

Shalvin Kumar

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